The Straw Race.
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The Straw race

The Oxenhope straw race!
The Oxenhope straw race is held every year in summer time. It is a race where two people have to carry a bail of straw from Stanbury all the way to the top of Oxenhope,but the contestants must drink a pint of beer as they pass each pub on the way!!The race ends at a pub at the top of Oxenhope called the dog and gunn and the first one to reach the pub is the winner.There are prizes for the winner,local hero and also best fancie dress.
It is a day when most of the village comes out and enjoys the days festivits.

This is a picture of a part of Leeming where the Oxenhope straw race draws to a close.

last year as a result of foot and mouth the Oxenhope straw race was canceled, but despite this money was raised for various charities. The straw race will almost defintely (touch wood) take place!