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Welcome to the small village of Oxenhope!
Oxenhope is a small village of people near Keighley,W.Yorkshire,it is also near the popular tourist village of Haworth.
There are many things to do in Oxenhope if you are a keen walker,as Oxenhope has some wonderful scenery which is some of the best in the Yorkshire Dales.It is definatly worth a day out.
The village has a few local shops and a communitycentre as well as a few churches.
Also it is on the famous Worth valley Railway which runs from Keighley to Oxenhope on weekends and also on school holidays.At the Oxenhope station there is a railway museum which has lots of trains which you can look at and also go in and see them for your self.
Up-dates to this site!
Here are a list of up dates to my site:
26/04/01-added new pictures to the photo gallery.
01/05/01-added a guest book to the site(Please sign!)
03/05/01-added the page 'Pubs and clubs'to the site.
15/05/01-added the page 'The Oxenhope straw race'.
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Welcome to my home page of Oxenhope.It includes Picture page,home page,some great links to other Oxenhope realated sites.The tool bar is on the left of your screen just click to select what you want to see and it will be displayed.
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